For Honor: Tips for Blocking, Guard Breaking, Taking On Groups, and Honorable Kills

For Honor: Tips for Blocking, Guard Breaking, Taking On Groups, and Honorable Kills

Let us give you some tips and pointers for mastering the decidedly different combat in For Honor.

For Honor is a different kind of action game, one that revels in realistic fighting styles and weapons. Because of this, it can be difficult to wrap your head around when most other games on the market emphatically buck this level of combat minutia. Even the basic controls can be tricky to get used to.

To make things a little less opaque, here's some general tips and strategies for playing For Honor, including navigating the controls, mastering the surprisingly involved blocking system, and fighting multiple enemies at once.

How to Block

Combat in For Honor revolves around different stances that you can take, each of which coincides with the direction from which you will be attacking: Right, Left, and Top. You can take these stances by moving the right stick in the corresponding direction as late as right when you're about to attack, letting you fake your opponent out.

The trick is that these same stances are also the directions you can block in. To block an opponent's attack, switch to the stance in the same direction that your opponent is attacking from. It's going to take some time to learn the timing and developing the right reflexes, but with practice you'll be able to detect the subtle tells of where your opponent is going to strike.

If you find yourself turtling up for any reason, remember to utilize Revenge Mode as a kind of last resort. As you block, the Revenge Mode meter will fill and eventually let you activate a heightened state where you're health and damage are increased. The big upside, though, is that your attacks will go uninterrupted, meaning you have a short period where you can really turn up the heat. The flip side of this is that you don't want to just mindlessly hack and slash away forever while your opponents block, as that will just end with you on the receiving end of a Revenge Mode smackdown. The best approach to take is a more balanced one, blocking when necessary, then switching to offense when you see an opening.

How to Guard Break

Now that you know how to guard, understand that you also have the ability to break someone else's guard with just the push of a button. Pressing the guard break button will break their guard, and tapping it again in quick succession will let you throw or tackle them, giving you an opportunity for a free hit while they're down. Be aware, though, that they can counter your guard break with a guard break of their own, and so can you. The risk in doing that, though, is that a guard break won't stop a regular attack.

One other useful way to use guard breaks is to shut down an evasive opponent. If they try to sidestep you, a guard break will catch them and deal them damage. Learning to incorporate guard breaks into your regular strikes and blocks is key to successfully outmaneuvering your opponent.

How to Handle Groups of Enemies

You're not really equipped to take on groups of enemies at once, so the first rule of thumb is not to find yourself surrounded in the first place, running away from free-for-alls and trying to find a one-on-one battle to engage in. But sooner or later, you're going to get caught in the middle. The first thing you need to know in this situation is that you're limited to locking onto one enemy at a time, so focus on the one in front of you and treat it as you would a one-on-one. Keep everyone else at your sides if you can, as you can guard in that direction for any attacks they attempt.

If all else fails and you're about to be hopelessly waylaid, perform a zone attack by pressing the heavy attack and light attack buttons at the same time. The resulting attack will affect a circle of enemies surrounding you, and it can't be interrupted. This gives you some breathing room, allowing you get back your bearings and take control of the situation. Just remember that a zone attack consumes half of your stamina, so use it sparingly if you can help it. Never put yourself in a position where your stamina is completely empty.

How to Get Honorable Kills

You'll notice that sometimes when you kill an enemy, it will be considered an Honorable Kill. What this means is that you managed to kill that enemy all by yourself with no help from anyone or anything. If you're looking to rack up Honorable Kills, avoid big group brawls and seek out one-on-one duels. Make sure you won't get assisted in any way. Also, using the environment to aid you in killing your opponent will result in you not getting an Honorable kill. Try to stage the fight so that no environmental hazards will accidentally do damage to your foe.

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