For Honor Dedicated Servers Arrives on PC Later This Month

For Honor Dedicated Servers Arrives on PC Later This Month

A console launch will follow shortly after.

On February 19, Ubisoft's For Honor will finally receive dedicated server implementation on PC, with a console release rolling out soon after. The dedicated servers are part of the new Age of Wolves content year which begins on February 15.

With dedicated servers finally coming to For Honor, Ubisoft is hoping to resolve the multiplayer matchmaking issues that have been a constant complaint in the game for quite some time. After a successful open test, the dedicated servers will fully remove the session migrations and NAT requirements in PvP modes. That means resyncing should also be eliminated. Ideally, this will lead to a more stable multiplayer experience with better matchmaking.

The Ubisoft team previously announced dedicated servers last summer, not just in For Honor, but for possible implementation in future Ubisoft titles going forward.

Ubisoft also detailed more updates coming with Age of Wolves including major updates to five heroes and updates that will adjust player progression, ranked play, and more. As part of a three-week launch special event for the new year, players can earn extra rewards for participating at the start of the Age of Wolves.

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