For Honor: Guide to the Best Heroes

For Honor: Guide to the Best Heroes

Not all heroes are created equal. We'll show you the best of the best to try in For Honor.

For Honor features heroes from three different nations and eras fighting for renown and glory. But not all heroes are created equally. As we've already seen in the early days of For Honor's multiplayer, certain heroes from certain factions are performing better than others.

This guide will point you in the right direction for the type of hero you want to play divided into three broad categories: best offensive heroes, best defensive heroes, and most balanced heroes. We'll also provide two examples of each and describe how their play styles differ from one another, letting you tailor your choice to what they do best.

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Best Offensive Heroes

Peacekeeper - If you're looking for an attacker that can do it all, then Peacekeeper is the class for you, and probably the best choice if you're used to faster-paced action games. Their superior mobility lets you stay out of danger and dodge blows while countering with your own. This is because the time between when you dodge and when you attack is the lowest of all the heroes. The Peacekeeper thrives on being stealthy, and utilizes their two swords and dagger to take full advantage. Use feats that complement this playstyle, such as Stealth and Crossbow.

Berserker – Those wanting to go all out on offense without worrying about versatility might want to give the Berserker a look. Built for pure aggression, the Berserker uses its dual axes to mow down multiple enemies at once or keep a cannier opponent on the defensive. Its zone attacks are among the best in the game, but its guard stance is among the weakest, so playing Berserker means being okay with dying way more than everyone else. The best ways to augment your aggression as a berserker is to get the Revenge Attacks feat so that you can build your Revenge meter through attacks. You'll also want to take as many feats that increase your attack power as possible.

Best Defensive Heroes

Warlord – A counterattack specialist, the Warlord utilizes a sword and shield to weather blows and then strike at the right moment. The Warlord works best when you lure enemies to you, using your shield to protect yourself until the moment is right. The Warlord has a superior guard stance, so you can be fairly patient as you're sizing your opponent up. The best part is you can land devastating blows while still maintaining your guard. You also have a headbutt that can't be blocked that you can add to your attack sequence easily. You'll want to take feats that let you deal more damage while you preserve your own health, such as Deadly, Flesh Wound, and Auto Revive.

Conqueror – The Conqueror is the iron wall of the bunch. Its defensive powers make it very difficult for opponents to break through and deal damage to you thanks to your special spiked shield and a defensive posture that lets you automatically block hits. The spiked shield even does unblockable damage. The big drawback to all this is that you can't feint attacks, so the Conqueror is best served holding points and being on the front defensive lines. The feats that work best for the Conqueror are ones that maximize your defense, such as Heal on Block and Dauntless.

Most Balanced Heroes

Warden – Pound-for-pound the best hero in the early For Honor metagame, the Warden is also the best character to use for beginners, providing a balance between offense and defense. The Warden can fill pretty much any role on the battlefield, but thrives when taking control of objectives or taking on multiple enemies at once, as they both get you more renown. The Greatsword offers a surprising amount of flexibility in play styles, and is especially good at interrupting enemies. More than any other hero, the Warden truly lets you tailor your feats to your preferences, as there's almost no combination that will work poorly with the Warden. For more tips on how to play as the Warden, check out our For Honor: Warden Hero Guide.

Orochi – You could easily put the Orochi into the best offensive heroes category, but it also happens to be extremely good at avoiding attacks thanks to its incredible agility and ability to deflect enemy attacks. The Orochi moves needs to move around a lot to survive, as it's got pitiful health and defense, but if you're good enough, you won't even need to worry about it since you'll be too busy running circles around the competition. The Orochi's katana is geared towards flurries of light attacks finishing with executions. The best feats for the Orochi complement your emphasis on outmaneuvering your opponent, so look at abilities like Kunai, Fear Itself, and Slip Through.

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