For Honor: Guides, Tips, Strategies, and Everything Else

For Honor: Guides, Tips, Strategies, and Everything Else

Need help becoming a renowned warrior? We'll show you everything you need to know.

Ubisoft surprised us when it announced For Honor, a game about a kind of combat that you don't normally see in video games, something more true to the complexities of martial weapon fighting. What's more, it's multiplayer-focused, playing like a weapon-focused fighting game with a smattering of the usual first-person shooter multiplayer modes.

Our For Honor guides will attack the game from all angles. We'll provide helpful combat tips to give you a fighting chance against the opposition, go over the best heroes to play right now, and detail each individual hero in guides that discuss their general strategy and tips for leveraging their moves to their full potential.

Combat Tips and Hero Guides

For Honor features a different breed of combat than most video games. Utilizing three different battle stances, a heavy emphasis on guarding and counterattacking, and 12 different character builds to play as, For Honor can be difficult to grok. This section will provide both general combat tips and guides for playing the different hero types.

For Honor: Tips for Blocking, Guard Breaking, Taking On Groups, and Honorable Kills
For Honor is a different kind of action game, with a more methodical pace and complex duels. Let us help you learn how to block, guard break, and take on large groups of enemies, all skills that are necessary for you to survive on For Honor's battlefields.

For Honor: Guide to the Best Heroes
You can choose from three different factions and four different classes in From Honor, but there's a lot of variability between the different faction heroes. Let us show you the best heroes to try for all occasions.

For Honor: Warden Hero Guide
By far the easiest hero for beginners to use, the Warden offers a well-rounded character with balanced stats and a versatile set of skills and abilities. This guide will show you how to best use this jack-of-all-trades.

For Honor: Lawbringer Hero Guide
A hybrid of the Vanguard and Tank classes, the Lawbringer focuses on parrying and attack reachs thanks to its poleaxe. Here's how to master this tricky hero.

Single Player Guides and Walkthroughs

Though the focus of For Honor is on the multiplayer, the game also has a single-player campaign to play through. Though it's fairly linear, Ubisoft put a bunch of collectibles in the game to track down. We'll be posting guides for finding all these collectibles as you progress through the game. We'll also post tips for getting through some of the more difficult parts of the game.

For Honor – All Observables and Breakables from Chapter 1.1: Warlords and Cowards
The single player of For Honor features unique collectibles that you can only get by looking at certain scenes, while others are only collected by breaking certain things. This guide will show how to get all of the Observables and Breakables in the first chapter of the game.

Quick Tips for Playing For Honor

  • Know your stances. You have three stances you can switch between: left, right, and top. This is the direction you'll be attacking from. This is also the direction you'll be blocking towards. The maneuvering to find an opening between feints and fakes is the heart of the game.
  • Break the guard. Don't forget that you have a dedicated attack that can break your opponent's guard, though also be aware that the guard break can be countered as well. Be unpredictable.
  • Know your combos. The different combos in this game aren't just flashy variations on wailing on your opponent with your weapon of choice. Look at their combo list and learn the different ones for your hero to fully utilize the toolbox they provide.
  • Know when to use zone attacks. You'll sometimes be caught in a spot with swarms of soldiers and opposing heroes. Zone attacks, which you can perform by pressing the light and heavy attack buttons at the same time, allow you to take control of the chaos. Just watch your stamina.
  • Learn the timing of everything. Do you have time to make a certain attack before your opponent puts up their guard? Will my attack land before my opponent's? You can answer these questions by learning the heroes' timing for all their moves. Attacks launch at different speeds, but they're consistent enough to be learned.

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