For Honor: Lawbringer Hero Guide

For Honor: Lawbringer Hero Guide

Master parrying with the poleaxe with the Lawbringer. We'll show you how.

The Lawbringer is one of the more interesting heroes in From Honor because it's essentially a hybrid of two different hero classes: Vanguard and Tank. This means that you're a versatile character that can take more hits. But there's a lot more up the Lawbringer's sleeve.

This guide will walk you through navigating the sturdy Lawbringer through a battlefield, and give you tips and strategies on how best to play the hero and what role the Lawbringer fills when the fighting starts. If you're looking for more of a dedicated Vanguard character, check out our For Honor: Warden Hero Guide. For a detailed listing of the best heroes to play as in For Honor, check out For Honor: Guide to the Best Heroes.

For more tips and guides for sharpening your skills in For Honor, check out For Honor: Guides, Tips, Strategies, and Everything Else.

The main thing you're going to want to be good at as the Lawbringer is parrying, as that's a central feature for this class. Parrying is basically the glue that holds your other abilities together and makes them devastating. Counterattacking is central to how the Lawbringer deals damage. Also playing into this is the Lawbringer's ability to drain stamina from opponents quickly, leaving your foes defenseless. Lawbringers are excellent in 1v1 and Dominion matches thanks to its attack reach and focus on counterattacking. Their attacks are very slow, though, and fold in true close range combat. You'll want to rely on keeping foes at a distance and knocking them back if they get too close.

Your weapon, a poleaxe, gives you some reach, and your combos all start with you using your special Shove ability on opponents, which does no damage but knocks the enemy back slightly. The most impactful combo you'll want to know is Impaling Charge (Spring + Heavy), which pushes enemies in front of you back even as you skewer them with your spear. If you can, try to line up multiple enemies to maximize the damage this move does and spread the hurt around. And don't forget that you can knock enemies off of cliffs or into environmental hazards with this move. Also make use of the move Polearm (Back + Guard Break), which is an unblockable throw that grounds your opponent, leaving them vulnerable.

Your heavy attacks are most effective from the top, as they stun the enemy when they connect. This is a small ability that makes a big difference, as it lets you create an opening to really lay into your momentarily helpless opponent. But don't think you can simply wail on enemies in top stance, since people are surely aware of this ability. Mix up your attacks with an eye for landing the stunning blow when they least expect it. The best combo to use this in is Judge, Jury & Executioner (Light, Heavy, Heavy), which makes the final heavy hit unblockable. If that last heavy attack is from the top, you'll also stun your opponent, which opens up more combo opportunities.

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