For Honor Replaces Controversial Groping Animation

For Honor Replaces Controversial Groping Animation

Some players are now accusing the developers of censorship.

For Honor finally replaced a controversial finishing move animation last week, though it doesn't seem like players are any less upset by the change. The finishing move animation first caused a stir when it was introduced in November as it depicted the Valkyrie character getting groped before she ultimately murders her opponent.

In For Honor, players can equip a special execution move unique to each character class. A new move introduced in November for the Valkyrie class was called "No Touching" and was available for little less than an hour before Ubisoft pulled it from the in-game store. Probably because part of the animation involves the opponent player tripping over and grabbing the Valkyrie's breasts before she kicks them in the groin and finishes them off.

Players were prevented from actually purchasing the move soon after it appeared in the digital store. Players who managed to purchase the move were refunded the proper Steel (the in-game currency) amount. Later a Ubisoft community manager announced on the game's subreddit that a new animation for the execution would arrive at a future date.

That date came last Friday when the new animation debuted. The replacement is fairly similar to the original, though instead of the enemy tripping over onto the Valkyrie's breasts, she blocks the grope with her shield.

Ubisoft blames the original mistake on the fact that the company accidentally added an earlier file of "No Touching" into the November update. The later version, with the shield, was always meant to be in the final version of the game. But Ubisoft says that due to a timestamping error caused by Daylight Saving Time, the earlier version featuring the grope was uploaded by mistake.

Players on the For Honor subreddit however called the move censorship and couldn't understand why a game that featured intense violence also couldn't feature a groping scene. Because those are the same thing obviously.

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