For Honor: Warden Hero Guide

For Honor: Warden Hero Guide

The Warden is the best hero type for beginners. We show you how to make the most of the versatile hero.

The Warden is without a doubt the most flexible, well-rounded hero in For Honor, and a great choice for beginners. With no clear focus on any one strength, though, finding your role on the battlefield might be a bit tough if you're not terribly experienced with the game.

In that spirit, we've assembled some tips and advice for playing the Warden, including what it's capable of, how to get the most out of its broad swath of abilities, and specific roles in can fill on the battlefield. Playing as a Warden is a perfect way to learn the ropes of For Honor, so dive right in and see what you like doing best to get a feel for what other classes you might try. If you want to try a Vanguard-style character that has a beefier defense, check out our For Honor: Lawbringer Hero Guide. For a detailed listing of the best heroes to play as in For Honor, check out For Honor: Guide to the Best Heroes.

For more tips and guides for sharpening your skills in For Honor, check out For Honor: Guides, Tips, Strategies, and Everything Else.

When in combat with someone, you're going to want to work the light attacks fairly regularly. Two light attacks in a row combos into an virtually unblockable strike. If you light attack into a guard break, then you'll do a Shoulder Bash, which is an unparryable strike at the enemy that will knock them back. Alternate between these two attack patterns to destabilize your opponent. The Shoulder Bash also lets you knock enemies off of ledges and into traps, so if you're playing as a Warden, make sure you're aware of all the environmental hazards you can exploit in a given level. Knocking them into walls staggers them, allowing you the opportunity to counterattack.

Heavy attacks should be used judiciously and with an awareness for just how limiting their inherent slowness is. Of particular note is the fact that a top heavy attack is much slower than a side heavy attack, meaning you're mostly going to be relying on side heavy attacks as your main beatstick whenever possible. Also, after a successful guard break, a side heavy attack will be guaranteed to hit before your opponent comes to, whereas a top heavy attack isn't fast enough.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the Warden is a Vanguard, and that means you get more Renown for doing specific things: capturing points, reviving teammates, and killing soldiers. If you're ever lost as to what you should be doing in a battle, prioritize these three. The Warden is tailor made for storming enemy points and holding them thanks to the balance between offense and defense, and its greatsword makes for an especially good for clearing crowds. In that same light, you'll want to identify problem areas with swarms of enemy troops and clear them out. Your maneuverability is good enough that traveling from problem area to problem area is no problem, and your zone attack, which you can do by pressing the light and heavy attack buttons simultaneously, is very much up to the task. And of course, acting as a temporary field medic is always a good thing to have on a team, so if you see one of your comrades downed, give them a hand without hesitation.

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