For Whatever Reason, the PS5 Logo Has More Than 5 Million Likes on Instagram

For Whatever Reason, the PS5 Logo Has More Than 5 Million Likes on Instagram

Unless you're an influencer, this logo certainly has more likes than you.

Anyone hoping that Sony would finally unveil the PlayStation 5 at its 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) probably came away from the press conference disappointed, but Sony seems to have walked away from the show with a big win in terms of social media clout. The only new bit of information that came from PlayStation head Jim Ryan's presentation was the PS5's familiar looking logo, which has somehow racked up over 5 million likes on Instagram.

Analysis by VGC's Andy Robinson indicates that PlayStation's official post of the to-be-expected PS5 logo has already broken the record for the most-liked Instagram post from a video game company. The previous record-holder, a tease for Fortnite's crossover with Avengers: Endgame, amassed just under 2.7 million likes.

While likes and follower counts aren't a surefire way of measuring genuine interest (surely some of the likes the logo has racked up are ironic), it's worth noting that PlayStation has particularly strong reach on Instagram. The brand's primary verified account, which the logo was posted on, has 22.2 million followers, more than twice that of the primary account for Xbox (9.9 million). Additionally, the PS5 logo post alone has over twice as many Instagram likes as all of the Xbox account's posts about Xbox Series X combined, including its reveal trailer.

Neither the PS5 and Series X are pulling in the numbers regularly achieved by Instagram's top influencers, but this the first launch of a new console generation where Instagram's one of the reigning social media networks. In 2013, when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched, Instagram had fewer users than Twitter and a post with 5 million likes would have been the network's top performing post of all time by far—now, it has over 1 billion monthly active users.

We're probably months away from either Microsoft or Sony fully firing up the engines of their marketing machines for the Holiday 2020 showdown, but at least at this early stage it appears the PS5 has an early advantage on one of the world's top social media networks. Neither are anywhere close to beating the 54.1 million all-time record for likes (set by the World Record Egg, of course), but it wouldn't be surprising to see one or both companies gun for Instagram virality at some point. Maybe seeing Kylie Jenner post a picture of an Xbox or PlayStation wouldn't sway your purchasing decision, but it'd reach a ridiculously large audience.

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