MLB The Show, Long an Important PlayStation Exclusive, Appears Headed for Switch and Xbox One

MLB The Show, Long an Important PlayStation Exclusive, Appears Headed for Switch and Xbox One

One of Sony's best exclusives is going multi-platform, and it's a win for baseball fans everywhere.

Ever since the demise of MLB 2K, Xbox fans have been pining for a baseball sim on their chosen console. It appears they're about to get their wish. It won't be because of EA or 2K though—it'll be MLB The Show developer Sony San Diego doing the honors.

In a surprise twist, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony San Diego announced a new multi-year, multi-platform extension for MLB The Show. The new deal brings the award-winning series to other platforms for the first time, including perhaps the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox and Nintendo representatives immediately tweeted the news with comments heavily hinting that the series would be coming to their respective platforms.

MLB The Show going multi-platform is immensely good news for sports fans on Switch and Xbox. On Switch, The Show will have little competition, as EA has scaled back its already limited presence on the platform. On Xbox, it will find a fertile new community, with the possibility of a Game Pass release further bolstering its audience.

MLB The Show going multi-platform is yet one more sign that the old days of jealously-guarded exclusives are coming to an end. The series has long highlighted the technical prowess of its PlayStation platforms, often being used to showcase new technology like 3D, VR, or Remote Play. It's also well-regarded within the sports community, frequently earning glowing reviews thanks to its sharp graphics, strong sim engine, and multitude of well-designed modes. We gave this year's release of MLB The Show a perfect score.

Sony didn't release any other details about the transition, save that it could be making the shift "as early as 2021." That would make the new generation of consoles a fresh start for the series in more ways than one. In the meantime, MLB The Show 20 will release as usual on PlayStation 4, and will commemorate Sony San Diego's 15th anniversary .

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