Fortnite Switch Players Can't Log In Using Accounts Linked With the PlayStation 4 Version of the Game

If you're going to Switch, you're going to have to commit.

Fortnite is now available on the Nintendo Switch, which is big news. Fans with PlayStation 4 Fortnite accounts can't use them with the new Switch iteration of the game, which is also big news.

Complaints to Epic Games and Sony quickly lit up social media and message boards as potential Fortnite Switch players learned they're unable to sign in with accounts used for the PlayStation 4 version of Fortnite—thereby disallowing the transference of Battle Passes, skins, and other goodies.

Currently, if you try to sign into Fortnite Switch with a PlayStation 4 account, a message informs you the account is "associated with a platform that does not allow it to operate on Switch." The message also states Epic's customer service can't do anything about the block and advises you to create a new account for the Switch. In other words, you're ess-oh-el.

Cross-platform play options are already limited in Fortnite for the PlayStation 4, and neither Sony nor Epic has commented on the inability to log in on the Switch with an account made on the PlayStation 4. Try not to let that ruin your fun, though. Visit our Fortnite guide for every trick and strategy you need to know.

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