Fortnite 3.2 Patch Gets Totally Radical with Hoverboard Boost Pads

The world needs saving, but see if you can pull off a hyperspeed Ollie first.

Fortinte's 3.2 patch is rarin' to go. Aside from kicking off the new Victory Royale limited time mode (LTM), which lets five teams of 20 fly at each others' throats, the patch also introduces a new skin, a new Hero for Save the World Mode, and a new way to perform siiiiick hoverboard tricks (no, seriously).

Epic Games' notes for the 3.2 patch lay out everything you should expect. The new LTM is the shining star this time around, but the new Burnout skin is no slouch, either. Epic also gifted players with a hoverboard Boost Pad for the Save the World campaign because "We've seen your colossal Hoverboard courses and are blown away by the effort put into them. We want to see more, and are going to keep expanding the feature by adding more tools to play with!" That's pretty neat.

Hoverboarding is not a crime.

Speaking of Save the World, it has a new hero: Wukong, the Monkey King himself. You can find him at the Event store.

Otherwise, bug fixes and tweaks are the order of the day. If you ever need to know the minute-by-minute status of Fortnite's servers, Epic has you covered. And if you ever need to know how to fight, survive, and win at Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World, we have you covered with guides galore.

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