Fortnite Battle Royale's Comet May Signal End of Season 3 and Tilted Towers

Fortnite Battle Royale's Comet May Signal End of Season 3 and Tilted Towers

Rise and shine, the world is doomed.

When you go about playing Fortnite Battle Royale, pay no mind to the comet drawing inexorably closer to the playing field. Just kidding. The icy ball of light, which appears over Tilted Towers, is impossible to ignore. Like the arrival of all comets, Fortnite's astral visitor reeks of change and prophecy. What's going on, exactly?

Epic's not talking (Polygon's reached out a couple of times), but there's no shortage of guesses flying around. The most popular theory suggests the comet will bring an explosive end to Season 3 of Fortnite, which started in mid-February. Season 2 ran from mid-December to mid-February, so it's plausible the comet is Epic Games' dramatic reset button. Tilted Towers might get pancaked as a consequence, but players generally dislike the area and won't be sorry to see it go. Hey, "Smash it all with a meteor" worked for Final Fantasy XIV.

"What's the big deal? Just shoot it down." (image via ChlorophyteFTW on Reddit)

Moreover, players say their controllers start rumbling when the comet is in their line of sight. One clever redditor, "vigilancefoetracer," noticed the vibrations translate to Morse Code and spell out "SOS D 5 418." The "SOS" is self-explanatory. The "D 5 418" suggests the call for help is coming from Tilted Towers (D5 is the area's grid position, according to vigilancefortracer's studies), and whatever Epic has cooking will go down on 4/18—April 18.

If the worst happens, rest assured we'll be here for you. We'll hug you, hold your hand, whatever you like. Our tips, tricks, and guides for Fortnite Battle Royale will never fail to steer you right. Oh, and there's still plenty of time before the Apocalypse to finish Fortnite's Week 6 challenges, so study our guide for the event.

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