Fortnite Brings Back Glider Redeploy With a Major Change

Fortnite Brings Back Glider Redeploy With a Major Change

Fortnite redeploys the glider redeploy.

Epic Games is bringing back the glider redeploy in the next Fortnite patch after a brief testing period last year. But after some negative feedback from last time, Epic is making a serious adjustment to how the glider redeploy works in the upcoming update.

Glider redeploy allows Fortnite players to jump off tall ledges and cliffs and redeploy their glider the same as if they were skydiving from the starting bus jump. This means that any player can fall from great heights and still land safely on the ground. The feature was briefly tested last year, but Epic removed it after the community complained it threw off the balance of making risky jump plays.

Patch v7.20 will bring back the glider redeploy, but this time as a consumable item that players can loot from the map. The redeploy ability will take up an entire item slot and will only have a limited number of uses before disappearing. Redeploy charges will not be consumed when using a launch pad or rift because those automatically deploy the glider after use. Epic is hoping that because glider redeploy is a space-taking item with limited uses, it will mitigate its considerable strengths.

As an evolving game as a service, Fortnite often experiments with new features and modes. Sometimes features like the glider redeploy or Infinity Blade don't work out and get pulled, but that just means they could be worked on some more and get "redeployed" later.

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