Fortnite's Chicken Dance Emote is at its Best When Thanos Does it

Fortnite's Chicken Dance Emote is at its Best When Thanos Does it

[Chicken Dance music intensifies]

Here's a video of the Marvel Universe's Mad Tyrant, Thanos, performing Fortnite's new Chicken Dance emote. Go on. Laugh. Point and make jokes. Chuckle and grin. Nothing bad will come of mocking the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet. He can dismiss your teasing as easily as he can snap his fingers.

YouTuber SinX6 uploaded Thanos' noble new strut yesterday. Any player in the game can perform the move, which includes a lot of scratching, clucking, and clapping (chickens around the world would like to remind humanity they're directly descended from killer therapods like the deinonychus and the T-Rex). That means as long as Thanos is visiting Fortnite, he, too, must Do the Chicken whenever he is so commanded.

It's not too unusual to see Thanos grovel and scratch (literally) in the context of Fortnite, anyway. The Purplesaurus Kool-Aid King's not nearly as intimidating in Fortnite as he is on his home turf in the Marvel Universe. When Thanos first entered Fortnite as part of the surprise crossover between Epic's battle royale shooter and Avengers: Infinity War, players complained the Mad Titan was neither mad, nor much of a titan. Thanos has since been made much more powerful, though at the expensive of his health.

Now that you know how to make Thanos act like Sunday dinner, you might want to know how to actually make him kill things. Visit our Fortnite Thanos Guide, and maybe check out other Fortnite crossover events we'd like to see.

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