Fortnite Double XP This Weekend - Hopefully the Server Crashes Won't Spoil the Party

Fortnite Double XP This Weekend - Hopefully the Server Crashes Won't Spoil the Party

You can farm double XP in Fortnite for the next few days, but server crashes might put a crimp in your plans.

Fortnite V3.5 is up and running. The update's biggest prize is the new 50v50 V2 Battle Royale, which pits two teams of 50 against each other. The new light machine gun is also exciting news. Just be sure not to overlook one more exciting announcement: From today (April 19) through Sunday, April 22, you'll get double experience in Battle Royale.

Double experience is a tantalizing reason to play Fortnite ceaselessly, and you can be forgiven for pumping the entirety of your weekend into farming for those sweet numbers. There's just one problem: The new update is causing some issues with Fortnite crashing. Epic is looking into the problem, so hopefully it won't take a bite out of your weekend plans to build forts and shoot people from the safety of those forts.

"We’re investigating an increased rate of server crashes since the release of v3.5.2," Fortnite's official Twitter account stated earlier this morning. Epic promises to keep players abreast of the problem and updates as they happen.

Check out everything that's new and exciting in Fortnite's V3.5 update (aside from the crashes, which are new, but not exciting—at least not for the right reasons). When you're ready to dive in, make sure to review our hints, tips, and guides for all the strategies you need to come out on top of Fortnite Battle Royale.

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