Fortnite Servers are Still Offline, and Epic Can't Say When They'll be Fixed [Update: They're back!]

Fortnite Servers are Still Offline, and Epic Can't Say When They'll be Fixed [Update: They're back!]

Cool your heels for a while, Fortnite fans.

[Updated, April 13 10:18 a.m. ET:]Everything's hunky-dory with Fortnite Battle Royale's servers again, though Epic's delayed its promised 50v50 v2 mode until next week. Epic's also handing out gifts as an apology for the downtime. More info below.

Epic further revealed that they will giving out gifts to patient players.

  • For Battle Royale players, this weekend Epic will be offering a Back Bling gift that you can pick up in the store for free.
  • For Save the World players, Epic will be offering a Troll Stash Llama in the store for free.

In addition, Epic will be granting Battle Stars to Battle Royale players and Seasonal Gold to the Save the World players next week. Epic apologized for the inconvenience and promised a detailed postmortem once the issues are resolved.

[Updated, 12:25 p.m. ET]: Though Epic solved Fortnite's downtime for a brief spell earlier this morning, the servers have since gone down again. Epic told the Fortnite subreddit it believes it's isolated the problem (a "critical failure with one of our account service databases," apparently), but it can't say when Fortnite will be back online. We'll update as soon as the servers are back for good!

Our original story on Fortnite's downtime follows.

Fortnite Battle Royale's been having a rough go of things for the past 12 hours or so. A database error struck the game around 9 p.m. ET late last night, which prevented users from signing in or matchmaking. After that, Epic Games had to take Fortnite's servers down for emergency maintenance. As of this writing, they've not returned.

Epic's been apologizing for the downtime, and it promises to keep Fortnite players abreast of what's going on. Response to the downtime on Twitter and the Fortnite subreddit has been quite good-natured (stuff happens, right?), but there's still been some ribbing at Epic Games' expense. One redditor, "Natey716," even cobbled together a fake "Weekly Challenges" list inspired by the blackout. Challenges include "Restart Router," "Go Outside (HARD)," and "Complain on Reddit."

Another redditor, "jonnero47," pointed out the absurdity of the challenge "Uninstall the game, 0/3." How do you uninstall a game three times? I suppose you find a way if a game pisses you off enough.

I need something more accessible. Where's the 'Sit still and eat chips' challenge?

The best bit of advice can be credited to "Glatt," whose direct quote of Atomic Bomb safety paraphernalia from the '80s somehow fits the situation eerily well: "Please remain in your homes, if you are not at home, find shelter immediately. Close all blinds and shades, block out all windows. Do not look outside. Do not look at the sky. Do not make noise. Your cooperation is vital to your survival. Appointed government personnel will update you shortly."

Epic will surely get Fortnite up and running again, unless the end of the world really is nigh. For that reason, you should check out our tips, hints, and guides for Fortnite Battle Royale, including our guides on Fortnite's Week 8 challenges.

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