Fortnite Landmarks Including Uncle Pete's Mascot and the Motel Sign are Disappearing Rapidly

Fortnite Landmarks Including Uncle Pete's Mascot and the Motel Sign are Disappearing Rapidly

Things are getting timey-wimey very quickly.

Things are changing in Fortnite Battle Royale quite rapidly. The rocket hiding in Snobby Shores launched on Saturday, colliding with reality itself and creating a huge visible rift in the sky. Yesterday, the rifts began to multiply, appearing in other locations around the map. This brings us to today, where the primary rift has grown and newer rifts have actually begun to consume objects around the map.

Yeah, the first bit is easy to see when you jump into any new match. While there was a single crack when the rocket first launched, now there are two connected cracks. It's likely that the number of cracks will increase as we move towards Season 5.

The second bit requires keeping track of where structures and objects are on the map. The rifts are appearing new places, like Lonely Lodge, alongside a strange purple mist. If you log in at particular times, you'll see objects consumed by the rifts. The motel northwest of Anarchy Acres sees its sign vanish mysteriously.

Fans have also watched the Tomatohead mascot over Uncle Pete's Pizza in Tomato Town disappear completely. Given the Fortnite community, it's not surprising that players have decided to mourn the loss of Tomatohead. Some have picked up the Tomatohead skin released back in April and gone to prostrate themselves before their fallen god.

Fans believe the next season will be time-travel based, because they believe Epic Games is dropping hints. Today's Store update for Fortnite Battle Royale has offers a host of new noir-themed detective skins and there's a new detective office in Retail Row. The Save the World side of the game already received a new biome, the desert-based Thunder Route 99. Players believe that both additions point to either a second map, or anachronistic bits being added to the current map.

We'll see what happens as we continue the march to Season 5's opening on July 12.

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