Fortnite Mobile Adds Warning for School Students

Fortnite Mobile Adds Warning for School Students

Epic offers a bit of cheeky relief for hassled teachers.

Wasn't so long ago when a teacher's worst enemy were notes passed around the classroom, particularly notes illustrated with crude caricatures declaring "Mr Howard is a doo-doo head." Now mobile phones are teachers' worst enemies, especially phones equipped with Fortnite. Epic is lending a hand to make sure students' eyes remain focused on the chalkboard, not on the battlefield.

Fed up with his students' obsession with Fortnite Mobile, one teacher asked the Fortnite subreddit if Epic might help him "mess with" his kids by somehow slipping the words "Mr Hillman says stop playing in class" into the game. The thread's since been deleted, but its job is done: Fortnite mobile now has a loading screen that barks those very words.

Hang in there, Mr Hillman: Things are about to get a lot worse. Fortnite Mobile is no longer invite-only, which means anyone can download the game and start playing as long as they have a compatible iOS device. And when the game finally comes to Android devices—well, may as well get a head start and start offering prayers to whichever god watches over beleaguered teachers.

Some schools have tried other methods of keeping Fortnite out of classrooms, such as booting the game off school Wi-Fi. Maybe we shouldn't make our valued educators' lives more difficult, but we have a mess of tips, hints, and guides for Fortnite Mobile that will help you rise to the top.

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