Fortnite's Generating Monopoly Money Now Too

Drops this October.

Fortnite, a game that prints money, will now be printing Monopoly money as well after it was announced that a Fortnite-themed Monopoly set is coming out this October.

There are lots of branded Monopoly sets out there and like those the Fortnite Monopoly set will replace classic board locations and currency with branded counterparts. Goodbye Park Ave, hello Tilted Towers. Not a fan of Chance cards? How about Storm cards? You get the idea.

Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard (who would be a great addition to an Epic-themed game of Clue) announced the Monopoly set on Twitter. You can see the board art in his tweet and includes the various elements in the Fortnite-branded version of the classic board game. Locales, chance cards, and currency have all been Fortnite-ified, and players will presumably be working to make as much V-Bucks as capitalism allows them.

As far as board game partnerships go, it's particularly fitting that Monopoly, a game about making money, is coming out with a Fortnite version, which makes a lot of money. Just ping me when there's a Fortnite branded game of Sorry!

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