Fortnite Players are Expecting Snow as Storm Clouds Gather Near the Map

Fortnite Players are Expecting Snow as Storm Clouds Gather Near the Map

Bundle up.

Fortnite players started noticing what looks to be storm clouds off the coast of the island and are hunkering down for what they believe to be a snowy winter season.

One of the biggest requests for the holidays from Fortnite players was to see the island blanketed in snow, and Epic might be getting ready to do just that for Season 7. It begins with what looks to be strange cloud formations gathering towards the island. Could it be bringing snow? Players think so, but there are other hints as well.

Source: Epic Games

This season's Weekly Challenges skin was a frost-covered robot. Why was it chilled like that? Could it have been escaping the snow storm? Not to mention Fortnite released an Arctic explorer's skin as part of its now aptly named Deep Freeze bundle. The snow-theme seemed random at first, but could it have been gearing players up for the coming storm?

Source: u/Fifa_chicken_nuggets

Lastly, eagle eyed sleuths on Reddit found what looks like a hint in the week 8 loading screen where the same frost-bitten robot is analyzing what looks to be a map that could potentially be teasing the storm ready to blanket the island in snow.

Epic has become truly adept at keeping the story of Fortnite moving with small teases inserted into the game early on only for them to blow up into massive floating castles, or interdimensional rifts. And with Fortnite's $1 million Winter Royale tournament starting up later this month the holiday season is certainly on Epic's mind.

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