Fortnite Playground Mode Pulled Due to Matchmaking Issues

Fortnite Playground Mode Pulled Due to Matchmaking Issues

The new Playground mode for Fortnite is currently down after only being available for a few hours

Fortnite's new Playground Mode is currently down for all players, due to severe matchmaking issues. The mode was added alongside the latest update, version 4.5 on Wednesday (27/08/2018).

Shortly after Playground went live in Fortnite, players started to have issues connecting to servers, and were frequently being kicked from matches. Epic Games made the decision to pull the mode shortly after, citing Matchmaking issues as the main reason.

Fortnite Playground LTM remains down at the time of writing, with the latest update from Epic stating that while a fix is being worked on, it will be closed for all players.

Playground is a new Fortnite limited time mode, which allows players to practice with weapons and items, without the threat of being killed by other players. Players drop into the Battle Royale map, with resources granting 10x the normal rate. The storm doesn't start closing in for a full 55 minutes, and takes five minutes to close in fully. It's essentially a practice mode, where teams can test out tactics and strategies. You can check out more details in our Fortnite Playground Guide.

It remains unclear as to when Playground will go back online, but you can keep an eye on its status via this link. Fortnite's Week 9 Challenges just dropped so for all the info on completing them, head over to our Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Guide.

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