Fortnite Season 10 Start Date - Mecha Versus Monster Battle, When Does Season 10 in Fortnite Start?

Fortnite is set to change once again. Here’s what we know about Fortnite Season 10 so far, including a start date, and more.

Just like the changing of the leaves, or the arrival of the first summer day of the year, the new Fortnite Season 10 will be upon us soon. We’re currently on the precipice of Fortnite Season 10, and though we’re yet to see an official reveal, there are some hints as to what we’ll be seeing in the coming weeks. To keep all of the Fortnite Season 10 info in one handy place, we’ve put together this Fortnite Season 10 Guide. We’ll take a look at a Fortnite Season 10 Start Date, as well as possible themes and map changes. Let’s take a look at what we know about Fortnite Season 10 so far.

When Does Fortnite Season 10 Start?

Epic Games has been pretty quiet leading up to the release date of Fortnite Season 10, though they’re usually pretty easy to predict. Fortnite Season 9 received its final weekly challenges on July 10, right before the Fortnite World Cup Kicked off, so Season 10 of Fortnite won't start until the major event is over.

All things considered, it's looking increasingly likely that the Fortnite Season 10 start date is August 1. Back when the current season began, a PlayStation event listing actually pegged Season 10 as starting on August 1, and taking the Fortnite world cup schedule into account, all signs point to the event beginning at the start of next month.

What is the Theme For Fortnite Season 10?

Some clues as to Season 10’s theme have started to crop up around the Fortnite map. On July 20, the showdown between the huge monster and giant mech finally took place. Doggus, the giant robot, rose up from the pressure plant, and attacked Cattus, the monster that had risen from the water. You can check out the full battle just below.

In short, Cattus the monster was ultimately destroyed by Doggus the robot. After defeating the monster, the huge mech gave a salute and simply flew off, leaving behind the corpse of Cattus and a huge sword that was used to fell the beast.

So, how could this all lead into Fortnite Season 10? Speculation has some new skins and other cosmetic items being themed around either Doggus or Cattus (probably Doggus if it's only one character, since they emerged victorious). We'll have to wait and see how this battle impacts the upcoming season.

How to Prepare For Fortnite Season 10

While we wait for Season 10 to bare its teeth, there’s plenty to be working on in preparation. For one, there’s the Week 9 Challenges, and then finally the Week 10 Challenges. You should also be putting in as many hours as possible, so that you’re fresh when all of that sweet new content drops. For tips on getting better in Fortnite, head to our Fortnite Battle Royale Tips Guide. Also, take a look at our Fortnite Best Skins Guide.

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