Fortnite Fans Can't Work out If the Season 5 Mask Teaser Is Bastet or Kitsune

Here's our first hint as to what Fortnite Season 5 might entail.

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The rifts are growing in Fortnite Battle Royale, but where will they lead? Season 4 is scheduled to wrap up very soon and Epic Games has already begun setting up what's next. The rocket was launched and reality has broken. Today, Epic Games gave players its first tease of what's in store for Season 5.

So, what is that? Well the Fortnite community on Reddit has their guesses. One guess is the mask resembles Bast/Bastet, the cat-faced Egyptian goddess. The other is that the mask is supposed to be a Kitsune Yokai, a fox-like demon from Japanese mythology. The community that has rallied behind the second idea points to a reference within the Kitsune Wikipedia article.

"Some tales speak of kitsune with even greater powers, able to bend time and space, drive people mad, or take fantastic shapes such as an incredibly tall tree or a second moon in the sky," says the article.

Why is time and space important? Well, in addition to the rifts, some fans believe the next season will be time-travel based. A recent update for Fortnite Battle Royale offered noir-themed detective skins and there's a new detective office in Retail Row. The Save the World side of the game already received a new biome, the desert-based Thunder Route 99. Players believe that both additions point to anachronistic bits being added to the current map.

Whether this is a Kitsune or Bastet mask, both would point to Fortnite Battle Royale reaching back in time and space. Perhaps a newly-designed map featuring landmarks and regions from other time periods like the Wild West, Medieval Japan, or Ancient Egypt is in the cards? Or at least new skins related to those time periods.

We'll see what happens as we continue the march to Season 5's opening on July 12.

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