Fortnite Streamer Ninja Breaks own Record

What could possibly attract more eyeballs than Gaming With Drake™?

(Extremely) popular Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins shattered his own record for most concurrent Twitch viewers last week during a Fortnite exhibition event at the Luxor Resort & Casino's newly-opened esports arena in Las Vegas.

Ninja made headlines last month when he attracted 600,000 concurrent Twitch viewers while playing Fortnite with Canadian rapper Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and rapper Travis Scott. Those numbers are old news, as Ninja's Las Vegas exhibition attracted 667,000 pairs of eyeballs on Twitch.

"I did not think [starting to play Fortnite] would be here, ever. That's just because, I don't think a game has ever done this," Ninja told ESPN. "You have popular esports games like League of Legends and those are obviously super popular and competitive, but a game that's gone viral and infected the world, really, especially with a younger audience, it hasn't happened since Minecraft, in my opinion."

Fortnite and Ninja did gangbusters under Las Vegas' bright lights.

Competitors joined Ninja on the show floor, enticed by the prize of $2,500 for finding and killing the star streamer's character. Another $2,500 was on the table for winning the match. Ninja came in first for one game out nine and came in second twice.

Allied Esports CEO Jud Hanigan talked to ESPN about the excitement of seeing the game played up on a stage as opposed to strictly online. "Everybody is playing this game and talking about this game. There's no official league around it, but this is an interesting way to put a competitive scene around it, in a one-off style," he said. "No one has taken a stream and done it in this way. Usually these streams are done at home. Here, it's on a stage, in front of people, with lights. We're looking to define what these events could be and take it from there."

In other words, it won't be long before we do see an official esports effort organized around Fortnite. Whether you think you're ready to steep yourself in glory, or whether you're content to play casually, we've got all the help you need. Take a look at our tips, tricks, and guides for Fortnite, including how to conquer Fortnite's week 8 challenges.

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