Fortnite Streamer "Ninja" Makes an Obscene Amount of Money

Fortnite Streamer "Ninja" Makes an Obscene Amount of Money

Well, fights to the death have always been big-ticket entertainment.

Celebrity game streamer Tyler "@Ninja" Blevins makes around $500,000 a month streaming games on Twitch. If you grew up with a parent who told you it's impossible to make a living playing video games, feel free to print out this story, fold it into a paper airplane, and toss it at them.

We're being a little facetious. Not every streamer makes Ninja-sized numbers doing their thing. Earning an annual $6 million salary (that hurts to type) through Twitch and Amazon Prime is only possible if your stream is popular enough to let you recruit star rappers like Drake for casual games of Fortnite and shatter Twitch's records for the highest number of viewers at one time.

Ninja confirmed his take-home pay on CNBC earlier today, where he also gave heaps more exposure to Fortnite Battle Royale. The rivalry between Fortnite and PUBG continues, and Fortnite is apparently the pop culture darling right this second. Don't worry, PUBG fans. Patrick Starr is on your side.

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