Fortnite Streamer's Fans React Badly to Session with Jake Paul

Fortnite Streamer's Fans React Badly to Session with Jake Paul

A game of Fortnite turned ugly more quickly than usual.

Jake Paul, the brother of the highly-controversial YouTuber (and new Twitch streamer) Logan Paul, garnered a great deal of distain on Twitch last weekend when he hosted a stream of Fortnite Battle Royale with popular Twitch streamer Summit1g. Summit1g pooh-poohed the backlash, which made his substantial fanbase even angrier.

While the stream itself was uneventful, Summit1g's chat churned with expletives about Jake Paul, and about the Pauls in general. Logan Paul drew reams of criticism when he kicked off the year by filming a body in Japan's notorious "Suicide Forest." Other films in his YouTube library show him being generally disrespectful while visiting the rest of the country.

Summit1g wasn't happy about his followers' outburst. "I’m a little disappointed in the chat, to be honest with you," he said during the Stream. "I thought the 1g squad was a little bit different. Thought some people had a little bit thicker skin."

After the Stream, some of Summit1g's subscribers dropped out (or threatened to drop out) in retaliation for Summit1g hosting "trash" like Jake. Summit1g responded to the criticisms with sarcasm on Twitter, informing complainers that he was responding to them while on the toilet.

Over on the subreddit dedicated to Summit1g, fans noted they're more disappointed with his flippant attitude than the fact he hosted Jake Paul to begin with. "Imagine making 1,000,000+ a year from people who have way less money than you donating, and still having a bunch of nerds be sympathetic to you being a massive baby because you throw temper tantrums like a child," wrote redditor "-Voltos-".

Summit1g reportedly called for a truce later, though the Tweet containing the plea has been deleted. It's hard to say if the fiasco affected Summit1g's subscriber count in any way, since Twitch is currently battling an issue where bots sign up for Twitch Prime accounts to harvest exclusive Fortnite skins and sell them elsewhere.

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