Fortnite Took 138 Days to Hit 100 Million Downloads and $160 Million in Revenue on iOS

Fortnite Took 138 Days to Hit 100 Million Downloads and $160 Million in Revenue on iOS

But it's nowhere near the quickest mobile game to hit the milestone.

In just 138 days, Fortnite Battle Royale on iOS has managed to surpass 100 million total downloads worldwide. This new information comes from Apptopia, a provider of App Store data.

According to Apptopia, Fortnite Battle Royale might have hit 100 million downloads, but it's not the quickest game to hit the milestone. That honor belongs to Super Mario Run, which managed to hit 100 million downloads in just 68 days, while Pokemon Go managed to hit the download milestone in just 71 days.

Credit to Apptopia.

In addition to these new stats, Apptopia also claims that Fortnite has earned in excess of $160 million, purely from in-app purchases. Fortnite Battle Royale is free to download after all, so any revenue it provides Epic with is purely from purchases made by users within the app itself.

Also according to Apptopia, Fortnite users are playing the game for roughly 21 minutes a day on average, which is higher than Pokemon Go's 14 minutes. Apptopia doesn't expect PUBG Mobile to hit 100 million downloads for another 208 days, meaning that if the predictions are correct, PUBG Mobile will have been available for 344 days before it hits 100 million global downloads on iOS.

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