Epic Turns Apple Dispute Into a Fortnite Event With the #FreeFortnite Cup

Epic Turns Apple Dispute Into a Fortnite Event With the #FreeFortnite Cup

The event debuts this Sunday, on August 23.

Epic Games really are doing all they can to capitalize on the momentum of taking on Apple's dominance of the iOS market. As if an advert parodying Apple's 1984 advert wasn't already enough to weaponize an entire fanbase, Epic Games is putting on an in-game event around the #FreeFortnite campaign.

The #FreeFortnite Cup is taking place in Fortnite this coming Sunday, on August 23. The event will last for one day and one day only, but will give players the opportunity to earn an in-game Tart Tycoon Outfit, as well as a real life #FreeFortnite hat.

The #FreeFortnite hat. | Epic Games

You might recognise the Tart Tycoon outfit from the recent #FreeFortnite video that played in-game earlier this month, after Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store. This was all in response to Epic Games providing Fortnite players on mobile the opportunity to buy V-Bucks from them directly for less money, circumventing Apple and Google's 30% transaction fee.

After Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store, Epic launched a lawsuit against Apple and debuted the Free Fortnite campaign, wanting to potentially establish its own App Store on the platform. Google followed suit shortly after this, also removing Fortnite from the Google Play Store for similar reasons. This drew a second lawsuit from Epic Games.

The process rolls on, with today's post from Epic Games lamenting the "final days of the Fortnite community's ability to play together." Due to Apple blocking updates for Fortnite on iOS devices, existing copies of the game on iOS will be "left behind" in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3, when the subsequent Season 4 launches later this month on August 27.

And I'm quite sick of it all. Yes, Epic does have legitimate grievances against Apple for their control of the iOS market, and if Epic was to win its lawsuit against Apple, thousands of developers might have easier access to iOS devices if they no longer have to play by Apple's rules.

But the way they're going about it is entirely reprehensible. Epic pitting itself as the last hope of freedom in their 1984 parody video in an attempt to make people back one corporation over the other is tired, and attempting to weaponize an entire fanbase (full of minors, mind you) in an online campaign is irresponsible at best and somewhat grotesque at worst. I've been an avid Fortnite player for years, but you can firmly count me out of this event and campaign.

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