Fortnite Update V3.5 adds Battle Royale Replay System and Massively Improves Xbox/PS4 Load Times

Fortnite Update V3.5 adds Battle Royale Replay System and Massively Improves Xbox/PS4 Load Times

The latest update for Fortnite Battle Royale makes it easy to re-experience your victories and stew over your defeats.

Fortnite V3.5 is here, and it's a doozy. Epic's latest update adds new content to Fortnite Battle Royale as well as Save the World. Battle Royale's most significant addition, a suite of "Replay" settings that let you capture your most memorable moments and highlights, will be a big help for anyone looking to improve how they build and fight. Epic even promises you'll be able to "win phenomenal prizes with the Replay system" very soon. Intriguing!

Replay is Here

With Replay, you can save your matches and watch them from any angle. You can speed up or slow down your footage and watch your performance from a large selection of camera angles. Replay's available on the PC and console editions of Fortnite (sorry mobile), and it's sure to be a huge hit with YouTubers who like to share strategies—or like to make up goofy "movies" revolving around the triumph and the suffering of their Fortnite heroes.

Port-a-Fort is Live

Another big addition to Battle Royale is the Port-a-Fort. We touched on this epic item yesterday, and it's out now. Throw this compact grenade to make an instant watchtower that's three storeys tall and constructed out of metal. Great for emergencies. Still lacks any kind of washroom facilities.

Improved Performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Epic reports load times and performance for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of Fortnite have seen huge improvements. As per the patch notes for v3.5:

"We've made some data layout optimizations in order to improve load times and performance. Load times reduced by 25-30 seconds as a result of these changes on Xbox One and around 10 seconds on PS4. On both platforms, we expect to see fewer issues with geometry or cosmetics failing to load in time, and FPS drops during skydiving. The Xbox One download will be larger than normal in this release as a result of these optimizations. We're working to minimize the impact of this type of optimization in future releases."

50v50 v2 will let you engage in mass slaughter for a change.

Shorter Equip Time for Select Weapons

Certain weapons with a slower firing rate now have a short equip time, and / or no longer have reload animations. Some of these weapons include the Rocket Launcher, the Hand Cannon, the Crossbow, and several Shotguns.

50v50 v2 is Coming

50v50 v2 is coming soon to Battle Royale for a limited time. That's a 50-on-50 slaughterfest. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Save the World Gets New Heroes, Weapons, and Quests

Save the World has some significant additions in v3.5, including four new Cyberpunk-themed heroes, a new cache of Neon weapons (very '80s), a new questline called Into the Storm: Opening Act, and the return of Survive the Storm.

Be careful handling these or you might get a severe case of '80s poisoning.

As usual, the update comes with a boatload of additional bug fixes and performance tweaks. Look at the patch notes to see what's new and cool. When you're ready to play, take a look at our hints and guides for Fortnite Battle Royale, which tell you everything you need to know about fighting, building, and winning.

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