Fortnite Update V5.20 Patch Notes: New Double Barrel Shotgun, Steady Storm LTM, and Switch Resolution Improvements

This patch is a pretty darn big one.

Ahead of launching later today, Epic has published the patch notes for Fortnite update V5.20. Not only are there resolution improvements for the Switch version, but there's also the brand new Double Barrel Shotgun, as well as a new mode.

In the blog post over on the official Fortnite website, Epic detailed the brand new patch, set to launch later today on August 7. The headline new weapon is the Double Barrel Shotgun, which looks like it can certainly pack a punch with two shots, before what we can safely assume will be a lengthy reloading period.

Elsewhere, there's the brand new Steady Storm Limited Time Mode launching in the update V5.20 for Fortnite. "This Storm waits for no player and there are no safe zones. Stay aware of the map and keep moving it to the center of the circle in the Steady Storm LTM," says Epic's description of the brand new mode.

Just below, you can check out the most notable improvements to Fortnite Battle Royale, arriving in patch V5.20:

  • "Significant GPU optimization on Switch. Moved to the high-end forward renderer. This increases dynamic resolution by 10% in expensive scenes."
  • Add the ability to honk while driving the ATK.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun added, available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • Vending Machines spawn more often, cost less, and have an increased chance to spawn at a higher rarity.
  • Reduced Remote Explosives drop count and max stack size.
  • Fixed replication issues caused by interacting with a Guided Missile.
  • Crouch does not interrupt emotes anymore and is disabled when emoting.

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