Fortnite V4.2 Update Launches, Adds Legendary Burst Assault Rifle

The brand new Epic and Legendary versions of the Burst Assault Rifle are now available in Fortnite Update V4.2.

The Fortnite Update V4.2, which launched just today for the hit battle royale game, has added not only the new Epic and Legendary versions of the Burst Assault Rifle, but also the brand new Quad Launcher weapon.

Epic introduced the two new weapons through an announcement on the Epic Games website, although the latter Quad Launcher is unfortunately only available in the co-op Save the World version of Fortnite at the time of writing, and not Battle Royale.

Fortnite V4.2 Legendary Assault Rifle.

The Epic and Legendary versions of the new Burst Assault Rifle can be found in floor loot, treasure chests, supply drops, and vending machines scattered across the Fortnite Battle Royale map. The weapon uses medium ammo, and deals 32+32 damage every time it fires.

Fortnite V4.2 Quad Launcher.

Finally, there are certain gameplay changes that have been made to Fortnite Battle Royale, and we've got the full list just below:

  • Added Apples, which replenish +5 health.
  • Impulse Grenade drop rate has been increased by 5 per cent.
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun damage increased by +3.
  • Increased accuracy reset speed by 25 per cent.
  • Increased damage fall off range.
  • Decreased Trap damage from 125 to 75.
  • Added 'Auto-Pickup' option for items on PC and console.

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