Fortnite v5.10 Content Update is Out Now, Features New Guided Missile Launcher

Fortnite v5.10 Content Update is Out Now, Features New Guided Missile Launcher

Get ready for some rocket riding tricks all over again.

Remember earlier this year, when Fortnite Battle Royale players were riding guided missiles all over the map? Well we could be about to see a repeat of that, as Epic has reintroduced the Guided Missile launcher into Battle Royale, through the new Fortnite v5.10 Content Update.

The reason for the Guided Missile Launcher being reintroduced this way? According to Epic, it was "too strong upon its initial release". As for other additions to Fortnite Battle Royale, the Fly Explosives mode is out now through the 5.10 update, which is a mode featuring Jetpacks, Explosives, and nothing else.

The Fly Explosives mode features explosive weapons only, as well as Jetpacks that have increased fuel regeneration. Rocket ammo has been capped at 120 for this Limited Time mode, and profile stats including kill to death ratios and wins will be tracked.

Speaking of Limited Time Modes, you can now find Jetpacks, Guided Missiles, and Crossbows in the Playground mode. As for other areas of the game, Save the World players can now get hold of the brand new Spyglass Sniper Rifle, which is part of the Flintlock Weapons set.

Don't forget that the Fortnite Birthday event is still live, and will be until early August. For a complete walkthrough of how to complete one of these challenges, head over to our Fortnite Birthday Cake locations guide.

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