Fortnite V5.41 Update Out Now, Includes Port-a-Fortress and New Spiky Stadium

This new stadium's a bit of a prick.

Fancy throwing down a stadium filled with spiky death traps in Fortnite? Well now that twisted dream is a reality, as the Fortnite V5.41 update has released today on September 18, introducing the new Spiky Stadium.

Check out a screenshot of the new Spiky Stadium just below, which looks like something out of the Saw movie franchise. This is a brand new consumable item, available right now thanks to Fortnite V5.41, but it's only available in the Playground mode, which is basically a practice mode for your squad.

According to the full patch notes on the Epic Games website, the Port-a-Fortress is now available in Battle Royale. This item does what it says on the tin, letting you throw down a bigger, better version of the Port-a-Fort item.

Fortnite Update V5.41 Patch Notes

There's plenty of other tweaks and fixes in the new Fortnite update V5.41, and you can check out the key points just below.

  • New Soaring Solos LTM, a mode that allows you to redeploy Gliders from any height.
  • Reduced the edit button hold timing when using a controller.
  • Reload audio for the Double Barrel Shotgun no longer plays twice.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a slight delay when consuming multiple Small Shield Potions.
  • The Grappler will no longer result in an inability to change equipment.
  • The Storm wall no longer destroys structures during the last few circles of the match.

Now that we're through the final week of Fortnite Season 5, we should expect a reveal of the next seasonal event for Battle Royale any day now. For a complete compilation of everything we know about the upcoming seasonal event, head over to our Fortnite Season 6 guide.

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