Fortnite's Sgt Green Clover Outfit is Back for a Limited Time

Fortnite's Sgt Green Clover Outfit is Back for a Limited Time

They're after your Lucky Charms!

Every day can be St Patrick's Day if you drink enough alcohol! Er, maybe you shouldn't do that; your liver will hate you after a month or so. If you're that desperate to celebrate an extended St Patrick's Day, go ahead and grab yourself the Sgt Green Clover outfit off Fortnite Battle Royale's store.

The outfit, which costs 800 V-bucks, consists of a green-and-purple vest topped with a tiny hat and a green clover (you'll need whatever luck it brings you). You might be shocked to learn the ensemble was cooked up for reasons pertaining to certain holidays dedicated to certain Saints who reportedly expelled snakes from Ireland. Well, my Nana told me he did the snake thing. I actually have no idea.

Epic announced yesterday it's bringing the Sgt Green Clover outfit back for a limited time only, so if you have some overwhelming urge to dress up like a cereal mascot with a thirst for mass-murder, you'd best get moving on your purchase. Thing is, all that garish green will make you an easier mark than usual. Make sure you look at our hints, tips, and guides for all things related to Fortnite Battle Royale, including the best and coolest Fortnite skins you can get. Did Sgt Green Clover make the cut? Is there a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?

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