Fortnite's Upcoming John Wick LTM Details Leak, Revealing Skins and the Continental Hotel

Fortnite's Upcoming John Wick LTM Details Leak, Revealing Skins and the Continental Hotel

Tick tock, Mr. Wick.

Just in time for his third chapter, it looks like John Wick is making his (official) appearance in Fortnite. Unlike the season three Reaper skin that simply offers a likeness, leakers have uncovered an upcoming John Wick set that features Keanu Reeves visage.

After some hints from changes to the map noted by reddit users, several leakers have shown off the upcoming LTM and Wick skin, as well as hints to larger appearances from the Wick universe.

The model not only bears the full-on resemblance of Keanu Reeves, but comes alongside a gold token coin, the currency of assassination in the Wick series. Also hidden in the files are references to the Continental, a hotel for assassins that acts as neutral ground.

The Fortnite Twitter account is already responding, posting a series of emojis referencing Wick, his penchant for dogs, cash, and one special legend involving a pencil. Screenshots have also surfaced of the accompanying LTM, called Wick's Bounty. It looks like players will be collecting those gold coins in this mode, ultimately receiving rewards for it.

This isn't exactly John Wick's first appearance in Fortnite, as season three's battle pass contained The Reaper, an outfit styled after Wick. But this is the first one to bear what looks like Keanu Reeves' true appearance as the boogeyman himself, in an apparent tie-in to the upcoming third chapter of the film series. Outfit leaks also contain hints pointing towards Halle Berry's character, who makes her debut in Parabellum.

Header Image Source | Lucas7yoshi via Twitter

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