FPS Creator Aims to be "Defacto Standard" for Game Makers

FPS Creator Aims to be "Defacto Standard" for Game Makers

An impressive shooter dev kit launches into beta, offering the chance to make your own open-world games.

FPS Creator Reloaded, a new game-making package from Intel Black Belt developer The Game Creators, wants to make you into a developer.

The software is a crowdfunded affair that has been quietly undergoing development for some time, with those who pledged support at the "Gold" ($100) level able to try out numerous Alpha builds. Now, however, the project has entered its beta phase, meaning that both Bronze ($30) and Silver ($80) backers can get in on the action, too. There's no estimated end date for the beta phase at present; it will continue to "evolve and expand" over time.

Here's a peek at what the current beta offers, direct from the developers:

FPS Creator Reloaded is designed to be simple and straightforward to use, making it a good solution for those who have always wanted to make their own game but have previously struggled with the challenging aspects of development such as creating graphics or programming an engine. FPS Creator takes the hard work out of this aspect of design, allowing players to focus on things like level design and how their game is structured as a whole.

The engine primarily focuses on exterior settings, and features a terrain editor with automatic generation of vegetation for that authentically leafy look. It also allows for the creation of games with inventory and quest systems as well as straight-up shooters, and features the fun ability to switch between "edit" and "play" modes in real-time. It comes ready-equipped with six modern-day weapons and a selection of characters, and is expandable with additional add-on packs -- the higher tiers of crowdfunding pledge provide bundles of these packs for "free."

FPS Creator Reloaded is the latest in a line of packages that allow those without experience in traditional game development disciplines to realize their dreams of creating their own interactive entertainment; the developers hope it will become the "defacto standard" for FPS development. It joins commercial packages such as the excellent and highly flexible JRPG construction kit RPG Maker and free offerings such as visual novel toolset Ren'Py in providing an easy to learn means for budding developers to get their hands dirty with game design prior to perhaps exploring full-on programming or other disciplines in the future. And if nothing else, these packages provide an excellent means of prototyping designs with the minimum of fuss.

You can find out more about FPS Creator Reloaded on the official website -- and there's currently money off the three pledge tiers ahead of this year's holiday season if you want to jump in, try it for yourself and support its continued development.

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