Free WoW Classic Character Moves Are Coming to Help the Overcrowded Realm Problem

Free WoW Classic Character Moves Are Coming to Help the Overcrowded Realm Problem

Blizzard's quest to get more people playing instead of waiting continues.

Lots of people are eagerly logging in to play World of Warcraft Classic and Blizzard is trying to keep up with the demand through various means. After rolling out hotfixes to raise the player capacity on all servers and opening new PvP realms, Blizzard is bringing free character moves to WoW Classic's most crowded realms.

The announcement on Blizzard's forums specifies that a given character will not be eligible for a free move if it is a guild leader, has active auction listings or bids, or has any mail. Each realm will allow for a move to a specific destination realm, so if you and a friend on a different realm hope this will allow you to link up without one of you rerolling your character, you have to hope your realms have the same available destination. So far, Blizzard has posted lists of the realms that free moves will come to for United States and European WoW Classic players. Every move will be permanent and they may require a name change.

Wowhead reports that average queue times have dropped considerably from the hours-long highs people saw in WoW Classic before the capacity hotfixes, but the offer of free character moves along with the addition of even more servers should get players into the realm of their choice faster. That said, on top of the aforementioned restrictions for moving characters, Blizzard's post about European character moves warns that "during periods of high usage" the moves themselves "may take up to several hours to complete."

So, if you're fed up with your overcrowded realm or see an opportunity to move so you can link up with a friend, there's a chance you could be in for another long wait before your character reaches its new home. If you find yourself in this position, think of it as time you can spend appreciating our feature on WoW Classic and the MMO's 15-year evolution.

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