Free Ys 8 DLC Pulled from Switch eShop After Causing Game Crashes

The hits keep on coming.

NIS America announced that it has temporarily pulled the free DLC for Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana after reports that it was crashing the game for some Nintendo Switch players.

On Reddit, some users reported that the launch day patch for Ys 8 meant to solve some of the game's localization and auto-sleep function appeared to be incompatible with a set of free DLC released for Ys 8 on Switch. One user reported that their copy of Ys 8 would "crash" during the "Checking DLC" screen after downloading the DLC and launch patch.

NIS America told USgamer that after confirming reports that some players on Ys 8 on Switch were receiving an error that prevented them from starting the game, NIS America has pulled all add-on content for the time being.

NIS America also says that it has discovered and isolated the issue and it will be fixed with patch 1.03 that's scheduled to go live a week after Ys 8's Switch launch. After the patch goes live, the add-on content will be restored in full.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

The free DLC were largely cosmetic, and none were story or expansion-related content so they were not crucial to playing the game. NIS America also provided a few resolutions to the Ys 8's DLC crashing problems should you have downloaded them before they were pulled from the store. NIS America suggests players:

  • 1. Remove game card, press "+" button on app icon > Manage Software > Delete Software to delete software and remove patches.
  • 2. Reinstall game card then re-download the patches.

This method does not affect Save Data for Ys 8, so progress should still be okay even after deleting the game software.

Ys 8 is the latest in Falcom's long-running Ys series that follows hero Adol Christin as he embarks on a new entry each game. When we played Ys8 on the PS4 last year we found the game to be a great entry into the Ys franchise and perfect for new players.

However, Ys 8 has suffered from a host of localization and translation issues both on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions. NIS America has since apologized for these issues and have announced a series of launch patches to remedy the problems.

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