From Us to You! Discusses the Final Fantasy XV Delay and Rants About Funko Pop

PODCAST: A packed episode in which we wrap up No Man's Sky, discuss the Final Fantasy XV delay, and more.

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On this week's episode of From Us to You! (download link here), Kat, Nadia, Bob, and Mike wrap up No Man's Sky and dive into the Final Fantasy XV delay.

At this point, Final Fantasy XV has been so long in coming that you can't help shrugging at the news of another delay. What's another couple months, right? It does change things, though, and one wonders if it's a good idea to release such an important game after the rest of the holiday release slate has sucked up all the oxygen.

Also in this podcast: We had so much to say about No Man's Sky that we decided to revisit it now that we have a final score for it. Plus, I extol the virtues of Madden 17, Bob rants about Funko Pop, and Bob and Nadia recap Otakon.

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Show Description

Bob, Nadia, Kat, and Mike get together to talk about what gaming zeitgeist being on display at Otakon, the Final Fantasy XV delay (10:30), World of WarCraft: Legion's Artifact Weapons (17:20) and the blight that is Funko Pop figures (24:30) before wrapping up No Man's Sky (32:20), reminding everyone why Little King's Story is pretty cool (47:17), and concluding with a Kat Bailey Sports Minute (53:00).

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