From US to You! Episode 7: Almost as Late as The Last Guardian

From US to You! Episode 7: Almost as Late as The Last Guardian

This monstrous episode comes a full week late, but it'll still bring a warm sense of cheer to your ears.

Wow, that's two episodes in a row in which our flagship podcast From US to You! has been ridiculously late. Good thing we never committed to a schedule, eh?

Despite the fact that this episode should have run last Friday — it was held up by many of the same personal crises that caused me to drop out as host at about the 11-minute mark — the general conversation remains largely relevant. Yeah, we do talk a bit about last week's big releases (Evolve, Majora's Mask 3D, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate), but the bulk of the episode focuses more on the worrisome future of console gaming.

Recently I wrote an op-ed contemplating the challenges that big-budget console game development faces going into this new generation — challenges that continue to manifest in results like the lukewarm reception Sony's gorgeous The Order: 1886 has received in this week's reviews. Are we headed for another video game crash like the one that annihilated the U.S. console industry more than 30 years ago... and, given the actual shakeout of that disaster, would it be so bad if a new crash did come to pass? The USgamer team (led ably by stand-in host Mike Williams) mulls the up- and downsides of that possible apocalyptic future.

Also in this episode: The Kat Bailey Sports Minute no longer stands alone! The strengths and weaknesses of Monster Hunter and Evolve, two games existing on the flip sides of the same coin! Why USgamer isn't dropping review scores to follow suit with sister site Eurogamer! And the uncomfortable spectre of racism in Nintendo games! All this and more.

You can download the full episode directly from this link via Libsyn. We're also on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Show description:

The team discusses all the hottest news of the week... last week, that is. Evolve! The New 3DS! Monster Hunter 4! Plus, The Kat Bailey Sports Minute gets companions! All that plus the death of console gaming. (MP3, 1:08:11, 47.1 MB)

Show breakdown:

0:33: It's a-us! USgamer-o!
4:05: On the merits of review scores
11:58: The Mike Williams Sports Minute
13:36: The Kat Bailey Sports Minute
18:33: On the looming death of console games
43:55: Bob Mackey's Minute
49:04: On the appeal of Monster Hunter 4
56:59: Jaz Rignall's Preempted Rant Minute: Evolve
1:05:41: Closing Notes

The music this week comes from the original N64 version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. And next week, we'll be back onto a more regular schedule. (Probably.)

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