From Us to You! Explores The Last Guardian, Rediscovers the Legacy of Dead Rising, and Has No Objections to Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

Bob, Mike, and special guest Chris Doucette assemble to discuss Bob's recent hands-on session with The Last Guardian, the unique charms of the original Dead Rising, and the finer points of Phoenix Wright's latest adventure.

Article by Bob Mackey, .

Kat's on assignment again—for real this time—meaning I'm once again taking over From Us to You.

Fortunately, I'm not feeling daring or healthy enough to break format this week, so this episode features a handful of relevant topics that coincidentally tie into everything I've been playing recently. (Shh, don't tell anyone.) First up, Mike Williams and I talk about the recently delayed The Last Guardian, which I got to play this week, then we move onto the punishingly hard Dead Rising, which has aged surprisingly well. For our last segment, I asked Phoenix Wright fan Chris Doucette to hop aboard the FUTY train in order to talk about Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, which I gave a glowing review to last week. Though I recorded most of this episode through a DayQuil haze, I think you'll find it to be another reliable episode of USgamer's flagship podcast—plus, editing always helps. In any case, enjoy!

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