From Us to You! Explores World of WarCraft: Legion and Wonders if Metal Gear Solid V Holds Up

From Us to You! Explores World of WarCraft: Legion and Wonders if Metal Gear Solid V Holds Up

PODCAST: We examine this week's news, then take a spoiler-filled deep dive into Metal Gear Solid V and examine whether it stills holds up.

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On this week's episode of From Us to You! (download link here), Kat, Bob, Nadia, and Mike cover everything from the GT Sport delay to World of WarCraft: Legion. But this week's big question is: Does Metal Gear Solid V hold up?

With Konami announcing the game's Definitive Edition" on Tuesday, it's natural to revisit Metal Gear Solid V with the benefit of hindsight. Bob and I are actually on the pro-MGS V bandwagon, and you can find our thoughts alongside additional contributions from Mike and Nadia. Afterward, Mike shares his thoughts on World of WarCraft: Legion, which are also positive. It's a very positive episode!

Also in this podcast: Nadia is playing Hearthstone! We check in with her and talk about the new expansion: One Night in Karazhan. We also cover EVE Online's move into free-to-play territory and the new Dark Souls expansion. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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Show Description

Kat, Bob, Mike, and Nadia gather to discuss the newly-announced Definitive Edition of Metal Gear Solid V, the delay of Gran Turismo Sport (8:18), EVE Online's move toward free-to-play (15:34), and the upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC (19:57). Then the crew circles back for a more in-depth, spoiler-filled analysis of Metal Gear Solid 5 (26:25), Nadia's recent embrace of Hearthstone (50:12), and World of WarCraft: Legion (1:00:36).

Do you like the show? Hate it? Leave us feedback in the comments below, or just drop by to talk about the topics. And of course, stay tuned for new episodes every Wednesday.

Kat Bailey

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