From US to You! Turns Lucky No. 13

From US to You! Turns Lucky No. 13

Our most fortuitous podcast episode to date delves into the Early Access debate and (sigh) Star Wars.

USgamer's cover story this week saw Kat digging into the strengths, weaknesses, and debates surrounding Steam's Early Access program, and for this week's episode of From US to You! she shares her findings in detail.

In fact, this episode might as well be called The Kat Bailey Podcast Extravaganza, because it concerns not only Kat's massive cover story but also the question of what makes a good Star Wars game — a personal favorite topic of her. No, we don't understand why she always talks trash about how terrible Star Wars is compared to Star Trek but still geeks out about Star Wars games, either. In any case, she has plenty to say about the new Battlefront game....

...and Mike and I occasionally get some words in edgewise this week, too, though our contributions are primarily relegated to our respective specialty sequences. Mike has more to say about comic book movies (apparently they're so hot right now?), while I take a few minute to gush with delight at the prospect of cult classic PlayStation game The Misadventures of Tron Bonne potentially showing up on PSN for considerably less than the $200 or so the game currently commands on eBay.

There's no Kat Bailey Sports Minute this time around, but this is definitely her show regardless. Give it a listen, and be sure to check out our Early Access cover story.

You can download the full episode directly from this link via Libsyn. We're also on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Show description:

Jeremy, Kat, and Mike discuss Kat's massive feature on Steam Early Access (this week's USgamer cover story) before moving along to contemplate what would make for a good Star Wars game. ALSO: Suicide Squad! Tron Bonne! Watto impersonations! (MP3, 1:10:40, 48.5 MB)

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