Frostbite's Next-Gen Hair Tech Demo Is Super Realistic And Definitely Not Creeping Me Out

Frostbite's Next-Gen Hair Tech Demo Is Super Realistic And Definitely Not Creeping Me Out

I am totally fine with the lifelike hair dolls and the tech that powers them.

The team behind EA's Frostbite engine put out a video showcasing some new hair rendering and simulation tech. These "offer a glimpse into how future Frostbite-powered games will look," both giving us an idea of the possibilities on next-gen consoles.

Hair has always been a tricky point to nail in games. There are so many moving parts, lighting angles to consider, densities and textures to consider, and different volumes. The Frostbite blog entry goes over all of this, but especially so in a series of videos featuring eerily lifelike mannequins acting as models.

Here's a specific demo, showing how the engine preserves hair volume in motion. It's reminiscent of the TressFX the Tomb Raider series touted, but amped up even further. Luscious, flowing locks seem a little bit more achievable in the next generation.

The developers say that in the coming months, they'll publish a few more blogs detailing more parts of this next-gen Frostbite tech they've been working on. Topics include physics, shading, scattering simulations, and anti-aliasing. I'm hoping for 100 percent fewer mannequins, for the sake of my sleep.

We got another look at how next-gen hardware is going to be a step up from previous generations yesterday, when Sony showed off the next-gen PlayStation crushing the PS4 Pro in a load-time race. With Sony looking ahead to a streaming future, we've had an idea of the core features, but this look at Frostbite is a pleasant reminder that next-gen also means a step up in fidelity, however unsettlingly uncanny it might be.

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