Funniest Social Media Reactions to Leaked Mario and Rabbids Switch Game

Funniest Social Media Reactions to Leaked Mario and Rabbids Switch Game

"Sorry Minions, but the Rabbids were first."

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a rumored RPG collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft, leaked earlier today like a bat out of hell. While it's hard to properly digest a bombshell leak such as this, social media users have stepped up to the plate to deliver their best takes on the upcoming Mario and Rabbids mash-up.

mario rabbids kingdom battle

Although Ubisoft previously promised stronger support for the Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle wasn't necessarly the first thing people had in mind. Without warning however, Mario + Rabbids shot into the public spotlight ahead of its E3 debut and the first images of a laser-blasting Mario and Nintendo cosplaying Rabbids hit social media hard. The reactions have been swift and savage.

The Mario and Rabbid images have even spawned conspiracy theories, taking the leak to deeper, perhaps darker levels.

When sources at Ubisoft confirmed the game's existence, the revelation of a Mario and Rabbids team-up made one video game journalist, Phil Kollar, dedicate his whole Twitter account to the Rabbids fandom. Such is the power of the Mario and Rabbid brand.

Much like Dreamworks' Minions, the Rabbids represent a kind of hyper-aggressive exercise in branding. Combine them with the eternal appeal of Nintendo's famous plumber mascot and the potent mixture of the two have many fearing for their souls in this #brand society we all find ourselves in.

Tag yourself, I'm #Sassy #NoFilter

Ultimately, gamers will have to wait until E3 for a full taste of this new cross-brand synergy. Will Mario x Rabbids become the new peanut butter and chocolate? Or will it suffer the same fate of many other failed experiments like the Root-Beer Pop-Tart?

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