FUT 20 Friendlies Mode - New Match Types, Local Co-Op, Online Friendlies

FUT 20 Friendlies Mode - New Match Types, Local Co-Op, Online Friendlies

There’s a brand new way to play FUT. Here’s what you need to know about FUT Friendlies.

FIFA 20 looks set to change up a fair bit as far as FUT is concerned. We already know about new player ratings, objectives and progression systems, but what about new modes? Well, FIFA 20 will see the launch of FUT Friendlies, a new hub where you can play FUT with your friends. To help get you up to speed, we’ve put together this FUT 20 Friendlies Guide. We’ll detail the new FUT Friendlies Hub, and give you some more info on the new match types and features. Finally, we’ll go into some of the new depth in the stat tracking system.

FUT Friendlies

FUT Friendlies is a brand new hub in FIFA 20, it’s where you can play FUT with your friends, either locally or online. There’s also the traditional 11v11 gameplay, as well as the new House Rules first introduced in last year’s entry. Let’s go into some more detail.

FUT Friendlies New Match Types

There are four new modes to try out in FUT Friendlies. They continue on from the House Rules platform established last year, offering custom matchups with set rules and parameters. We’ve listed the four new FIFA 20 modes below:

  • Max Chemistry
  • Swaps
  • Mystery Ball
  • King of the Hill

FIFA 20 Max Chemistry Mode

Let’s take a further look at some of the new modes that will come with FIFA 20. Max Chemistry removes the Chemistry restrictions from the usual FUT game. Instead, every player on the pitch will have a max chemistry of 10, and teams with 100. This allows you to experiment with new squad combinations with the full power of chemistry styles.

FIFA 20 Mystery Ball

The next of the new modes to come to FIFA 20 is Mystery Ball Mode. There are multiple different Mystery Balls that can enter the pitch, some allowing for up to three goals when put between the goalposts. Some balls will boost attributes like dribbling, sprinting and passing, and the All Ball which boosts everything at once.

FIFA 20 King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a brand new game mode to come to FIFA 20. While playing, control zones will pop up over the pitch, and if you manage to keep possession within them, a goal meter will fill. Once full, you can score multiple goals with a single shot of the ball.

FIFA 20 Swaps Mode

Swaps Mode is a really fun way to mix things up when playing with friends. At the start of each game, you’ll have 3 players randomly swapped from your squad with your opponent. If you manage to score against your opponent with one of their former players, you’ll get 2 points for the goal.

FUT Friendlies Couch Play and Online

By heading to the FUT Friendlies hub, you can play with up to four players in couch co-op along with AI Opponents. You can also take House Rules online and play against the FUT Community.

For more info on FIFA 20, like release date and cover stars, head to our FIFA 20 Everything We Know page. For a look at how Pro Clubs have changed this year there's our FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Guide. There's also our page on what's new in FUT 20. For a look at how the new FUT progression system works, there's our FUT Season Objectives Guide.

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