FUT 20 Guide - Squad Management, New Pre-Match Options, Quick Sale

FUT 20 Guide - Squad Management, New Pre-Match Options, Quick Sale

EA has lifted the lid on FIFA Ultimate Team 20. Here’s what’s new this year.

FIFA 20 looks set to be one of the best entries into the long-running football franchise. FIFA 20’s most popular mode will no doubt be FIFA Ultimate Team 20, given just how huge the mode has become in recent years. There’s been a few changes this year too, some that will alter the mode in pretty significant ways. To help you keep track of what’s new in FUT 20, we’ve put together this FUT 20 Guide. We’ll take a look at and detail all of the changes that have been made since last year, and provide an updated list of links to our other FUT 20 guides content. When we get our hands on FIFA 20, we’ll be sure to update this page with any new info, so that you can start this season on a high note.

What’s New in FIFA Ultimate Team 20?

Let’s start off by taking a look at the main changes that have been made to FUT for FIFA 20. We’ll list all of them below, and will be going into more detail on each later on in this article.

  • Updated squad management
  • New pre-match options
  • FUT Champions SBC tweaks
  • New Division Rivals tier system and matchmaking
  • Companion App now allows for custom tactics
  • Season objectives for progression-based rewards
  • New Squad Battles interface and refresh system
  • Deeper FUT customization options
  • FUT Friendlies matches

FUT 20 Squad Management

The first new feature that we’ll be detailing is the updated Squad Management Options. Squad, club, and transfer options have been better integrated and selecting a player in FUT 20 and pressing R1 / RB will take you directly to your club, filtered to the position selected where appropriate. Using L1/LB instead will take you to the Transfer Market, which will be pre-filtered to the position you’re trying to fill. Full Transfer Market filters can be used to further refine your search, allowing for robust transfer options from the player screen.

FIFA Ultimate Team 20 Has New Pre-Match Options

One difference you’ll notice in FUT 20 when compared to last year is that there are more pre-match options. You’ll have the option to select your other kit to avoid kit clashing, with more options for selecting your kit.

FUT 20 Bulk Quick Sale

One point of contention between EA and fans of last year’s FIFA entry was how long it took to sell consumables. This has been alleviated with a brand new bulk quick sale option. When browsing your club consumables you’ll have the option in the quick sell menus to quick sell multiple items at the same time. This will greatly reduce the time and effort for players when you’d like to turn some of your excess consumables into coins for your club.

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