FUT 20 Season Objectives: Season One Start Date, Tiers, Rewards

FUT 20 Season Objectives: Season One Start Date, Tiers, Rewards

Season Objectives are a brand new way to earn progression rewards in FIFA 20. Here’s all of the info you need on rewards, season one, and the different types of objectives.

FIFA 20 looks set to mix up the tried and tested formula last shown off in FIFA 19. There’s a bunch of brand new features, and plenty of improvements to existing modes and gameplay mechanics. One of the major new features for FIFA 20’s flagship FUT 20 mode is the introduction of Season Objectives. They are a new way to monitor your progression and earn rewards for playing through FUT 20. In this FUT 20 Season Objectives Guide, we’ll be taking a look at how Season Objectives will work in the new season. We’ll also detail when Season One of FUT 20 will start and end, while providing more info on the different types of objectives available.

Season Objectives Explained

Season Objectives are essentially a redefined version of the Objectives system from the last game. By completing them, you’ll earn XP and rewards for your Ultimate Team, beyond the usual daily and weekly challenge window. There are four different types of Season Objective to work through, all accessible from the FUT Central Menu. We’ll go into more detail later in the article.

Daily Objectives

The first type of Season Objective is the Daily Objective. These are simple tasks which are released every day, awarding XP toward your Season Rewards. Daily Objectives will expire after 24 hours.

Ultimate Team Weekly Objectives

Next up we have Weekly Objectives. These are groups of objectives that will award XP and specific rewards upon completion. If you miss one week’s objectives they will stay active in the game for a 2nd week, with the exception of the last week of a season which will expire when the Season does.

Season Objectives

Season Objectives are those that you’ll have the whole Season to finish. These will carry high XP rewards.

Dynamic Objectives

From time to time, EA may put special time-limited objectives for players to take on. These could be tied to campaigns or real-world events, and can run for any duration.

Season Objectives Rewards

So what exactly will you get for working toward Season Objectives? Well, mostly you’ll get XP for completing them, which will progress your level on the Season Rewards tab. There are 30 levels to climb, with rewards given out at each level. Packs, players, club customization content and consumables will all be up for grabs, with better rewards coming the higher the level you reach.

Milestone Objectives

There’s yet another type of objective to work through in FUT 20: Milestone Objectives. Milestones Objectives are long term objective groups which are not tied to any Season. Once a Milestone objective group is created in FUT 20 you’ll be able to continue making progress against these objectives, unlocking their rewards at your pace.

Foundation Objectives

When starting up your FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 20, there’s a set of Foundation Objectives to work through. These will show you the ropes in FUT 20, and will earn you some pretty nifty rewards to get started with.

Season One Start and End Date

Finally, let’s look at when Season One of FUT 20 starts, and when it will run until. You’ll be able to start Season One progression from September 17, right up until the end of October.

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