FUT is Undergoing Some Pretty Major Changes in FIFA 19

Major changes are coming to FIFA Ultimate Team 19.

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FIFA Ultimate Teams is a huge feature in every new FIFA game, and while the mode is massively popular it hasn't always been the most accessible to the hardcore fans who play FUT. But a series of changes in FIFA Ultimate Teams 19 should fix some of that by adding placements and better options for how to participate in Weekend League.

Instead of working your way from the bottom to your desired rank, you can start your Division Rivals run by playing a set of placement matches that measures your skills. A Skill Rating will be based on your performance in these placement matches and will determine your Division. How well you do in your Division determines your overall Skill Rating as you progress.

FIFA Ultimate Team

There will also be weekly rewards in Division Rivals which is tied to your weekly score. The higher your score each week, the better rewards you'll have access to by the time competition ends.

One sticking point with FIFA Ultimate Teams has been the Weekend League. Previously, players would need to play all week to qualify for the league, and then dedicate entire weekends to play through them. EA Sports has heard the cries and have offered a more flexible Weekend League system.

A new points system collects your wins in Division Rivals. Each win earns you points towards Weekend League qualification. Win enough points and redeem them for access to the Weekend League. You can also save them to enter future Leagues in case your weekend is filled up.

FIFA 19 is coming out on September 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We got a chance to get an in-depth look at FIFA 19 in July and spoke with EA about changes coming to FIFA 19 including changes to Career Mode. For more, check out FIFA 19 guide for the latest release news.

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