Futurama is Gone from Netflix, but at Least There's This Futurama Mobile Game, Maybe?

Futurama is Gone from Netflix, but at Least There's This Futurama Mobile Game, Maybe?

The original cast and Futurama writers are all involved in this new mobile game, out now.

Bad news everyone! Netflix removed the original five seasons of Futurama from the streaming service. The good news? Well there isn't really "good" news, but if you're starving for Futurama content there's a new mobile game that features all the original voice cast, and written by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and the writers of Futurama. It's a small consolation prize for grieving fans.

Developed by TinyCo, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is a tap-style mobile game whose redeeming qualities are all related to the fact that it's an original piece of Futurama storytelling in world where Futurama stories are quickly disappearing.

I downloaded the game to see how "Futurama-y" the game feels, and while the animated intro is indeed a true Futurama short episode, the gameplay immediately triggered the hellish months I spent obsessed with Avengers Academy—a game that threatened to devour my very soul. Futurama sort of lampshades this with the use of the Hypno-Toad as a main plot device, which is a pretty clever move from some very clever writers.

While the game features some great animation work and in-game graphics (it actually looks like you're playing an episode of Futurama), no amount of charm can distract from the fact that at its core, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is a game very much a part of the current state of mobile play.

In fact, I feel like it delivers push notifications at faster rate than other games. I've literally received three notifications since taking the time to write this news story. Actually, maybe this game isn't the solution to Futurama leaving Netflix afterall.

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